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It is an open source program, licensed under the GPLv2. You can also print designs, convert them to PDF format, or browse design de Advanced Photo is a small application designed to act as a photo viewer and to help you open multiple types of image files.


The software is easy to use and portable, which means that it can run straight Features include fast prefetching, smooth panning, Keep a lot of pictures? Need some way to browse them quickly? Footagehead is a simple image browser that does what you'd expect from an image browser, plus some handy extras. User friendly interface, consistent It opens Postscript files quickly without first converting the entire file to PDF and provides a variety of features for comfortable on-screen Featuring an extremely versatile and aesthetically pleasing interface, Comic Reader Pro is a program for displaying comic books in the cbr and cbz formats.

Phiewer is incredibly fast and responsive. Your media fits fluidly right into your viewport, of course also in fullscreen mode.

Here are 5 Best Image Viewers For Mac

For any of your media you can toggle the info panel to see detailed information and Exif data for example. Just hit the Slideshow play to view your media folders automated with nice transition effects and background music. You can set the interval speed of each slide, choose transition effects and select your music from really cool handpicked background tracks. Skip to content Phiewer.

Unlike a tool such as Adobe Lightroom , which manages a photo library for you, Photo Mechanic is a media browser that reads whichever Finder folders you point it at. As an alternative, I looked at three simple utilities that quickly review media in the Finder and give you options for acting on the files: With a taste of these features, though, I want more. Full Frame starts at the photo import process, looking for an attached memory card or camera.

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It can also reveal the full Exif metadata for one image or multiple selected image, and optionally rename files during the import process. Since the application is designed as a mechanism for importing photos, its primary task involves setting a destination folder and clicking Import or Copy if the source is another folder. Any of the metadata preset features apply only when importing or copying images. If you do edit the metadata, you can then save the change, but not all file formats are supported.

‎ApolloOne - Photo Video Viewer on the Mac App Store

The app threw up an error when reading raw. For those that do work, the metadata is saved into the raw file, not to a sidecar file.

Full Frame is free to use for images, after which in-app purchase options kick in: As an alternative to Image Capture or Photos for importing images, the application provides a better way to review images at import. The newest entrant to this category of photo browsers is Spect , a speedy and simple utility for viewing images within folders.

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When you point it at a directory, large-sized thumbnails appear. At the largest zoom level, Spect fit four images six when the navigation sidebar is hidden on my inch MacBook Pro screen, which is large enough to evaluate the quality of the image.