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MacOS Sierra renders some Bluetooth mice and keyboards unusable (including Apple's) | ZDNet

Posted 5 days ago — By Timothy Taylor. Posted 1 day ago — By Lucas Coll.

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Ipad Keyboard Trackpad App

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Click OK. Wait a few seconds, and then click Turn Bluetooth On. Check to see if the Logitech Bluetooth device is working.


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If not, go to the next steps. Re-pair your device by following the procedure described here. Disable the hand-off feature In some cases, disabling the iCloud hand-off functionality can help. You will need to re-configure each device. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled and that you can see the Bluetooth icon in the Mac Menu Bar at the top of the screen. You'll need to check the box Show Bluetooth in menu bar in the Bluetooth preferences.

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The Bluetooth menu will appear, and you will see additional hidden items in the drop-down menu. Select Debug and then Remove all devices. This clears the Bluetooth device table and you'll then need to reset the Bluetooth system.

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You will now need to repair all your Bluetooth devices following standard Bluetooth pairing procedures. When the new Bluetooth Preference file is created, you'll need to re-pair all your Bluetooth devices with your Mac.

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Here's how: If the Bluetooth Assistant starts up, follow the onscreen instructions and you should be ready to go. Your Bluetooth devices should be listed with a Pair button next to each unpaired device. Click Pair to associate each Bluetooth device with your Mac.